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flipping through this new book of mine
the pages of my life
19.03.2011 - Super Show 3 
26th-Mar-2011 11:33 pm

Hey there! It has been a while since I last updated right? I know...
anyway..remember the time last year when I reported on Super Junior's concert, Super Show 2?



To be honest it has been quite a while since I last heard about the guys. The last time I saw any of them on tv/shows was when Heechul and Siwon went on Running Man. So honestly, I wasn't feeling at all excited to go to the concert because I thought my interest had died. I just wanted to go there because I want to take awesome pictures with my new G-12 and because my third sister wanted to see Yesung live. (She cried when I told her I bought ticket for her.) Ahahah
But the boys gave an awesome performance and I have to say after the concert ended, my interest came back alive. =)
So like usual, only 10 boys came, with Henry and Zhoumi from Super Junior M and Kangin also made his holographic appearance that left me a little teary. =,(

Let's start from the eldest shall we?

Leader-shi Leeteuk. His laugh was infectious! He was hyper and was running around the stage a lot. I was surprised to hear him sing one of their trot songs, Tok Tok Tok. Since I'm still considered newbie in the ELF world, I have never heard any other Super Junior T song than only the song Rokkugo. And I know LT can sing...but I didnt know it was really good until I heard that song. But other than that, what was memorable about Leader-shi other than saying "APA KHABAR?!" all the time was the fact that towards the end he went to every corner of the stage, did the heart sign and bowed thank you to us. HE WENT TO EVERYONE. I WAS DEEPLY TOUCHED.

here's the evidence.this is from ss3kl not my video btw, credits to blacklady. =)

Next is Heechul. He was a diva as always. I felt disappointed that he didnt come out as Lady Gaga (or Lady HeeHee) but he was still lovable. I thought he was sick or something because towards the end he didnt come out on the stage. But then when everyone (including me) starting shouting "KIM HEE CHUL" he finally appearred and he screamed "I'M NOT SICK!" =D <3 Then he started talking..and he turned to Siwon on his right and started saying "This is horse." And to his Sungmin on his left "This is pumpkin." XD Oh and he actually went nose to nose with a fan who was flushing badly and started pinching his cheeks (probably to see if he was real or if his face was really smooth) Hehe


Yesung next! My third sister went crazy over him. I noticed he still wears the black bangles on his wrist like in last year's concert but he seems to have discarded his black t-shirt. good! you need more colours! =D He sang his famous song "It had to be you" and everyone was singing along, including us and my sister said he actually cried in the end. Terharu la agaknye. Hehe. He looked like Yamapi though..but that's a good thing because WE <3 YAMAPI too! Oh. Towards the end, some fans gave him the mask from Scary movie and I think he wanted to scare his members, but no one was paying attention to him. PHAIL!


see? no one was paying him attention. poor baby. =(

Shindong! He didnt shine much in this concert to me. I mean, of course his arsenal is not singing but I would have love to see another Dance Battle with him strutting his moves! But sadly takde. =( But the videos with him were cute and he was nice too. My sister said one of the fans threw a teddy bear and it hit him, but he looked okay..so I guess Malaysian fans were tamer than other country's fans because I didnt hear about any accidents about the boys being hit with various hard objects. =) Thank you ELFs!


Sungmin! KYAAA! I wasnt his fan when I started to know about SuJu, but since last year's concert he changed my mind. I could see his attempts to change his image from cute to manly, and it worked! Who knew he could work a mesh! HOT!! =D He didnt sing any solo song, but only danced...but that's okay! He was adorable too when he went to the fans and took one of the gifts from the fan and raised it high up in the air so everyone can see. =D


Eunhyuk, the casanova. He really has become one to me. He looked different..but maybe that's because I havent been keeping in touch with their news. Since last concert, he was playing out this 'cool, rock, bad boy' image and he was doing that too in this concert but towards the end when he was giving out a speech everyone was bullying him and it reminded me of the time when they all bullied him in Full House. Then to my pleasant surprise, he actually said "YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS" and Leeteuk replied "NICE WEATHER" and it felt like Full House was showing live on stage! XD Then all of us sang Happy Birthday to him and he bowed down, bersujud more likely in appreciation. =)



Donghae and his red hair. Like I said, I haven't been in touch with any info on the boys..so i was surpsied to see his karat hair. But he seemed to be working it to me...so it didnt really bother me much. He made his individual introduction by running in with a plastic chair and I was like, OMG! Ahahah. He was being super nice with the fans by taking their cameras and taking photos of himself (siap check lagi nak tengok gambar tu jadi ke tak) lucky girls!

OH! and he was also obsessed with singing Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are. Hehe.


Zhoumi. He was the ever fabulous Mimi, that's what my sister said. =) He was awesome too. Wished he had more time on stage, but seeing him dance and sing and watch him give his own speech at the end was okay too. Nothing much to report back cuz he didnt have that many appearances...but DANG! He got long legs! =DD


The horse Siwon. I was really really glad that he didnt show us his abs this concert. =P I mean he does have like a really nice body...but lifting up his t-shirt every time he's on stage like last year...made it feel cheap to me. anyway...I still can't make out the english words he was saying, but he was super nice too with the fangirls. One of the girls made him a tshirt with a cross at the back which he wore proudly. He sang an english, kinda spiritual (i think) song and it's nice to know that celebrities too, have deep faith and belief, even if for different religions. =)

Ryeowook...looks very healthy! No more sunken face he looked like he gained weight a little..which is fine for me since he's soooo thin! He sang his solo "One Fine Spring Day" in mandarin version with Sungmin playing the guitar for him. He was adorable as usual, and my second sister went into fangirl mode when he came out. =D

Kyuhyun.When I saw him up close when he came near our side, my first thought was 'omg...he looked so fragile' >.< but he looked hyper enough to be running around and even to kick his Mushroom member while he was in his Pepper costume. Evil maknae. XD

evil maknae is evil. =P

Henry Lau > Justin Bieber! Wy? because i said so! Henry sang Bieber's Baby song but he was much better of course! (Bias!) He was adorable..and omg he has biceps now? XD Just like Mimi, he made a speech at the end in CLEAR english and told everyone to cut back on twitter because his twitter is spammed with ELFs and #SS3KL tweets. Hehe..=P

and this is where Henry Lau > Justin Bieber. =DD
credits to sjm7rainbow. 

Other than Kangin's holographic appearance, T-Rax was there too and I didnt know it until the end when they welcomed him on the stage. But when I looked though the pictures, I saw him playing the guitar when the boys were singing Don't Don. He was cool. =)

So all in all, it was a good 3 hour performance...it was worth the money I paid for. I love the merchandises this time because there were varieties and even though I was a bit skeptical about the concert this year (because I honestly think their 4th album wasnt as strong as their 3rd one) I was glad to be proven wrong when they gave out spectacular performances. And I was happy with my pictures, all 1166 of them! =D

So if they come back next year like they said they would, would i still go? Maybe, if time and money permit! =D 

OH! Before I forget, of all the songs sang and the videos played, this one is my favourite.


I couldn't find a good video of this from ss3kl..so best choice was the one from singapore. credits to gniloaix for the video.

The song isn't sang by any of the boys, but by one of SM's songwriter/producer, Yoo Young-Jin who also sang in Sorry Sorry Answer.

I <3 his voice!

Okay...that's it for the concert... this year. *winks* 

PS: Don't you love my G-12? I do!!! =DD
10th-Apr-2011 06:28 am (UTC)
I really enjoyed this post. You write about this topic very well. There are many cherished moments in life, why not wear a beautiful dress! When looking back on special memories of your child wearing a gorgeous dress, it will make a fond memory.

16th-Apr-2011 07:39 am (UTC)
bitch! you bought yourself a g12? OMG OMNOMNOMNOM!!! eeeeeee benci nyaaaa! buat suka at the same time also. wait, by g12, u do mean the camera right?

btw, u owe macaroons :p
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